FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Why start a station?
Jesus commissioned his disciples and us to Go Ye…! It is important that every communications medium be used to spread the Good News of the redeeming salvation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The question should not be “why start a radio station” but “why not start a radio online station.” As Christians, we must take advantage of this unique and powerful media tool to spread the Good News!
2. What is the difference between an FM and LPFM radio station?
Signal strength is the main difference between FM and LPFM stations. “LP” stands for “low power” which means the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set power limitations. The FCC’s main goal for doing this is to allow non-profit organizations to provide their community with radio service.
3. What need will the station fill?
The station will broadcast programs that deliver the Good News of the Gospel. Biblical truth will be the center of Present Truth Radio’s programming mission. Present Truth Radio will be the only station of its kind in the immediate area and will serve as a community resource through locally produced programs along with coverage and promotion of community activities.
4. What area will Present Truth Radio’s signal cover?
The Present Truth Radio signal will cover a 15 to 20 miles radius from its broadcast site at 3936 Rainbow drive in Decatur, GA. This radius is more than most LPFM’s for two very reasons. The tower for the antenna will be over 100 feet and located on a high elevation.
5. What kind of programs will Present Truth Radio broadcast?
Present Truth Radio’s music line up will include gospel both contemporary and traditional, inspirational and praise, hymns and even spirituals. Of course there will be spoken word programs such as sermons. In addition, the station’s community affairs programs will cover, health, finances and spiritual growth to name a few. Other programs will include live specials such as call-in programs, live remotes, bible vignettes and children’s programs.
6. What will be the broadcast hours of the station?
The station will broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
7. How much will it cost?
To build out a full powered FM station from the ground up can cost anywhere from three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to millions. Fortunately for Present Truth Radio, the low power start up cost will be approximately forty to sixty thousand dollars based on the final broadcast equipment costs (i.e. tower, antenna & transmitter).
8. Who will benefit?
The Decatur and Stone Mountain communities will directly benefit from the station, however streaming on the web will mean a worldwide reach for Present Truth Radio. Our hope is to cater to souls lost and found….shining the Light to those in darkness while reassuring those who struggle everyday to walk in righteous.
9. What is difference between a commercial and non-commercial station?
You hear the difference every day. Commercial stations make their money by airing commercials throughout their programs. Most often, commercials comprise twenty minutes of every broadcast hour. As a non-commercial online station, the FCC will not allow Present Truth Radio to air commercials, however, we will be able to air what are called “underwriting spots.” These spots are limited on-air promotional spots designed to give companies and organizations an opportunity to broadcast their advertising message on the station. The station will also depend heavily on underwriting revenue along with tax-deductible listener to keep this non-commercial Christian online station on the air.
10. How can I help?
Go to the “Listen Live” page to listen to our programming. We hope you will join us as a praise partner by making a financial commitment to the online station which is exteremly important to meeting our objects of getting this life changing message, to souls across the globe.

Most importantly, please keep this radio ministry in your prayers. Don’t forget to spread the word to your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues and encourage them to join you in supporting your Christian online radio station Present Truth Radio!

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