Our Programming.

We Will Cater To Spiritual Needs

In the days of the early Church twelve Apostles were ordained to take to message of Christ to the heathen world. They soon ordained another seventy men to assist them in promoting the gospel and the formation of the Early Church. The call then went to whosoever will and those accepting the call are then charged with the responsibility of sharing the news of Christ’s exemplary life, death and resurrection to anyone who will hear the clarion call. In being about “Our Father’s Business,” we serve our local constituency and the global community in spreading the gospel of God’s love and peace. We believe that God has ordained us to be mind-full of our needs and the needs of others.

We Cater To Your Educational Needs

The Educational Psychologist Dr. William R. Yount in his book “Created to Learn” emphasizes that each created human has the ability to comprehend some degree of knowledge, some more than others. Present Truth Radio is committed to sharing the gospel message of Jesus’ love in a way that every listener can understand and respond. Through Bible based sermons, Christ centered music, children focused story- telling, or health lectures that promote a Better way of Living, someone will find hope through learning.

We Will Cater To Health Needs

God in His Word has promised humanity a lifespan of three score years and ten and that this could be prolonged by” reason of strength”(Psalm 90: 10). Currently many experience the fourscore promised by being mindful of practicing a healthy lifestyle. The health ministries of Present Truth Radio serves to encourage listeners to care for the body temple by daily health practices proven to improve ones’ quality of life.

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